Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, January 29, 2011

3rd CT scan looks good

So, this morning we spoke to the Neuro doctor and the CT scan that was done this morning looks good. There continues to be no additional swelling, and in fact, it appears that the swelling is going down just slightly. It sort of appears that he is starting to respond to verbal commands. It is very hard to tell, but it appears that he is.
He is running a fever (probably from all the germs that got into his body from the road rash, etc..) but they are taking care of it.
The doctors, nurses and rest of the staff here are fantastic. They are so compassionate  and competent. It is comforting to know that he is here with such talented and qualified people.
The local ward and stake members have surrounded us with their love. It is becoming very easy to see why Cory has developed such a love for the people of Georgia!
We will let you know more as we go.


  1. We are glad to hear Cory is moving forward. My husband, Mitch, and I just moved from Provo and the ward here is truly wonderful. Mitch has been out tracking with Elder Fife and when we found out about the accident on Wednesday we were devastated. He has been such a great missionary and his love for the gospel radiates. He will continuously be in our prayers.

  2. I am very glad to hear that Elder Fife is beginning to recover. We have been very blessed to have him serving in our Ward, along with all the other dedicated missionaries. Being one of our Ward Missionaries, I have had the blessing of going on team ups with Elder Fife and his companion several times. I am still very impressed with the spiritual caliber of young men who are coming out on church missions, your son included. Thank you for sharing him with us, and our prayers will continue to be with him for a full recovery. -Dave Rich.

  3. Dearest Fife family,

    All of us at Sage Creek Equestrian have been praying. I even fasted day one. This is a very big deal for me (giggle) but I love my Cory and the hunger pains where well worth it! Going for a little smile on your face. We love the Fife family tremendously! We will all give freckles a kiss in honor of you all. Let us know what we can do!

  4. We're all glad to hear that Cory is doing better! We had faith he would. Each day I bet that it will only get better! Please give my sister a hug for me. And tell Cory that we love him. Love you too Dave.

    -The Huffmans

  5. Keep going Cory, you can do it!!
    I will be fasting for you tomorrow!