Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting a little feisty!

So Linda just came out and told me that Cory was getting a little feisty. The physical therapist was working at manipulating his legs, and Cory grabbed the towel on his stomach and started whipping it at him. Cory did it until the PT put his leg down. They said that if he continues like this, they will at least sit him up tomorrow, and possibly move him to the step-down ICU.
Kam left a comment about Cory running up big mountains with a pack just for fun. This really made me smile, because we watched four young men (Cory was one of them) on a backpack trip to the High Uintas literally running with a pack at 10,000+ feet of elevation, just to see how far they could run. It took me 3 1/2 miles to catch up at my fastest walk. The only reason I caught them was because they hit a fork in trail and they sat down to wait for us!
So, we know he is plenty strong enough and that our Heavenly Father is looking after him and hearing all of our prayers.
Dave and Linda


  1. Glad to hear positive things!

    Think of all of you-
    -James, Maria, Erin, and Hayley Donaldson

  2. This information is not a surprise to us! He is tough and he is a fighter. We are proud of his determination. Good job Cory! We love you buddy.