Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In God's Time...

I was driving back to the hospital today and heard a song on the radio. The artist is Randy Houser and his new song is "In God's Time". While not all of the song fits Elder Fife's situation, the chorus of the song really struck home.
In God's time
Oh, but no one knows
Not you or me
It might be tomorrow or it might never be
Oh, but don't lose faith
Put it in His hands
'Cause it might be that
He might have a bigger plan
Than you had in mind
Miracles happen
In God's time
He might have a bigger plan than you had in mind. Miracles happen in God's time. 
I know that God has a bigger plan than any of us have in mind. I know with a surety that miracles happen. We need to trust in our Heavenly Father and his all encompassing love. In time, it will all work out.

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