Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ok, so we're horrible at blogging when not a crisis!

So, I was reading through another blog of a child that was injured and left a comment. I thought, "I ought to update our blog on Elder Fife...I'll bet it has been a little while". What an understatement that is! February was the last post. Please accept our apologies.
Let me catch all of you up...
Elder Fife was last in Alma, GA. He has since been in Theodore, AL (right near Mobile, AL). He has had several different companions and has seen the work really progress there.
Before leaving Alma, GA. Elder Fife does like to work hard!
Just in August, we had to go out to Mobile, AL to wrap up some legal stuff and got to see Elder Fife and his companion, Elder Prince.

We got to see Elder Fife!!!
He is doing so fantastic. His Mission President challenged all of the missionaries to memorize ALL of the Scripture Mastery scriptures (you know, the ones they should have memorized in seminary!?). Elder Fife has found that he still has the ability to memorize really well. He has memorized all 100.

He and his companion got evacuated to Tallahassee, FL in front of hurricane Isaac. In an email to all of the missionaries (but I am sure it was aimed mostly at the Elders!) President Jensen said that he knew that many of the missionaries were praying to see a hurricane! And that all of their mothers were praying that they wouldn't. No your prayers are in direct contradiction to your mother's and you are to "stop it!". Linda couldn't have agreed more!
Elder Fife said, "It rained just a little..."
So, Elder Fife is doing great, loving life, loving every minute of his mission. 
His last email he sent to us included the following:

"I am honestly LOVING EVERY MOMENT that I have been given to serve the Lord!!!!! I honestly wouldn't change anything-past, present, and future (cuz I don't know what it holds???). That means that I wouldn't change my accident or any of it... because I know that without it I would not know what I know, the extent that I know it; nor would I be who I am today without it! I am so very grateful for the pain and suffering that I have been BLESSED to have gone through in my life....Now that may sound a bit crazy, but it really is a blessing, the trials that we face in life, cuz if ya think about it, God's gotta be trying to teach us something! Our task is to-FIGURE OUT WHAT???"

We are so amazed at the growth of our son. He is such an inspiration to us, and to so many others.

We love all of you, and keep you continually in our prayers.

Love, David and Linda


  1. Thanks for updating. Still enjoy reading about his mission! What an incredible journey he has been on. Send him our love - Mitch and Cassie Shepherd (from Savannah)

  2. We have been thinking about Elder Fife lately and his amazing recovery. The Lord works in miraculous ways. Jackson is still making great progress. We feel so blessed. He got to see Bishop Thompson and his family at Stake Conference last weekend for the first time since he left the hospital in Savannah back in July. I think they were amazed! I'm still overwhelmed when I look back and see how far we've come. And I know you feel the same way about your son. He has truly been an inspiration to us!

    Love and prayers,
    The Ingram Family