Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Conference Weekend Well this can you believe that it is conference weekend again already! Well todays session was great and Elder Holland was powerful and once again had very spiritual. Time has just been flying by! Cate graduated this past June and is now going to college in Cedar City. Corrine started 8th grade and is playing fall softball and swimming. Casey is pregnant again and is due i the end of November. She has been working full time as a ICU Nurse at Utah Valley Medical Center. Cory has been taking a business class online for this semester because he knew he was going to have surgery this fall. He worked for the Forest Service this summer building buck and pole fence, he loved working outside. This last tuesday he had his first surgery on his leg. They took out all the hardware,cleaned up all the scar tissue is his ankle and then did a bone graft at the top of his Tibia. The surgery went great and now he will have 10 weeks of rehab before the next surgery in December. In December they will repair his torn MCL, meniscus and replace his ACL. He says it is not a big deal, but he doctor says he doesn't know how he has still walking. Cory's answer is "you just do, I walking thru the mountains all summer working on fences". Well Cory is doing great and we all are doing pretty darn good. It has been a summer with a few surprises, but it is all good. Elder Nicholson will be coming home soon and we are all really excited for that! He is doing really well and baptizing up a storm. Aren't these missionaries great! They are all such an inspiration to us all. Well we will keep you all posted as the recovery progresses. Love you all. Dave and Linda

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  1. Glad to hear that Brother Fife (he's always going to be fife in my mind) is doing well! I'm glad to hear that he's doing awesome and the surgery is a success. Have a great day!