Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 10, 2011

And now he is consoling us!

So, there Cory is, laying on his back, a rather pitimus (word courtesy of Aunt Dee from Mississippi!) sight for anyone. He feels like crap, is frustrated at times, hurts at others. Is just figuring out how to swallow again and slowly realizing what happened.
The kid pulls Linda up close to him, reaches around her with his arm and gently pats on her back! He is consoling us! He did the same thing with me later tonight. I guess he is very aware of the worry and love we feel for him. I can't tell you how much it warms your heart, and even brings tears to my eyes as I write this, to have your son reach around, pat your back, as if to say, "It's going to be all right!".
On to the facts... swallowing test went well today, they will repeat it tomorrow morning. He is getting ice chips for now. First of anything that he has swallowed in 15 days! If the test goes well, they will be able to begin him on a liquid diet.
He did well in PT today. He even stood up by himself when they were all done and gave his Mom a big hug!
The love and compassion our son has is something I will try to emulate more of. We thank you for all of your love and compassion as well.
Dave and Linda


  1. How wonderful and exciting! What a strong and courageous young man. We will continue to pray for him and you both.

  2. Wow...you have one awesome son! I keep Cory in my prayers and look forward to your daily report. He is making remarkable progress!

    How long had he been out on his mission before the accident?

    Sheree in Lawrenceville GA
    Mom to Elder Gossling in Argentina.

  3. I love reading of Cory's progress every day. Consoling you is so typical of Cory, he's always been very mindful of others, neighbors, ward members, friends, etc. which is very uncommon for a teenager. But I guess that's just Cory. I find myself thinking of you all several times a day and continually praying for Cory and your family. Great people always shine during times of difficulty, your strength and faith and Cory's will and determination are an inspiration to us all. Love you guys.

  4. Yep your kids do things that just amaze you! I remember that exact moment too. It's a good thing David. He needs to do it and it is soooo good to feel those arms around you because you know that he is back and you can't help but feel relief.

  5. Dave, Linda & Family. I was so sorry to hear about Cory's accident. I am glad to hear that he is improving. I have thought about and prayed for Cory and your family many times over the past few weeks. Thanks for keeping us updated on his progress.