Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Progress and frustration...

So Cory is making lots of progress. He has been moved over to the in-patient rehab unit here. They did PT with him today and he walked at least 100 yards. He was able to use the cycling machine for 3-4 minutes. He still hasn't spoken yet. He was able to recognize his name when it was written. When asked to write my name out, he got the first and last "d" right, but it was not very recognizable in the middle.
As expected, he is gong to have a long road to a full recovery. It is heartbreaking to see him lay in the bed, frustrated that he can't get up when he wants, that he can't communicate what he needs yet.
Cory's Mission President visited yesterday. Before he came, we told Cory that they were coming. He started fussing with the sheets and blankets to make sure he was covered up properly. Then when he was visiting, Cory rubbed his beard several times (as much of a beard as he can grow!) as if to indicate that he knew he needed a shave. The Mission President had some news of a change for the mission that required a sustaining vote from all of the missionaries. He asked Cory if he remembered about sustaining votes (raising our right hand, just above the shoulder) which he indicated he did. Cory then raised his right hand to sustain the action that was being taken in the mission.
Tomorrow is Sunday and we look forward to going to church. We definitely need the spiritual feeding. Our prayers continue to be answered and our love of our Heavenly Father is deepened.

Dave and Linda

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  1. I am so glad they made sure ALL the missionaries sustained the action. Cory hasn't been released! Stay strong. Cry when you need to. It helps. :)