Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gained a foot or two this afternoon!!!

So we were with Cory this afternoon when the physical therapist came in. He is the same one that worked with Cory earlier in the week. Today, he thought he would be happy just getting Cory to sit up without his heart rate going through the roof.
Before he started we talked with him about the first six months after a head injury and how to measure progress. He spoke about the ups and downs that were probably ahead. Then he began the physical therapy with Cory.
He sat Cory up on the side of the bed. Cory, pulled his arms underneath himself to help sit up! Then he balanced himself there without any assistance for quite a while. He was wide awake looking at Linda and I. He was following instructions to move left/right, front/back. He was able to adjust himself. The whole time we explained where he was, and what had happened. Towards the end (about 15 min) he started to lift his leg back onto the bed. The PT guy asked him if he wanted to get back into bed, if so, just nod his head "yes", which he did.
What a miraculous day this is today! While I understand we still have a very long way to go, we definitely moved forward several feet this afternoon!
There is a talk by  Joseph B. Wirthlin entitled, "Sunday Will Come". He is talking primarily about the atonement and the immense grief surrounding everyone on that Friday when the Savior was crucified. He goes on to share how all encompassing the joy was on that Sunday resurrection. We all go through dark periods, difficult times. We need to know that Sunday will come. That we may always know that no matter how dark our Friday, Sunday will come. I know that Cory's Sunday will come. 
Thank you so very much for all of your fasting and prayers. We are not all the way there, but a glimpse of Sunday coming was here today!



  1. That is so great to hear! He is an amazing kid with huge things ahead of him. Thank you so much for your testimonies today. The spirit was so strong in today's meeting. I know everyone in that chapel was effected by the powerful words that you spoke. Thank you for keeping all of us involved. We are still sending love and prayers your way. We all can't wait to see Elder fife back in the field. I know A LOT people are waiting for him:) Sunday will come!

  2. I'm so happy that Cory is doing better. Thank you So much for keeping everyone updated with this blog. I miss him a lot and can't wait until he gets better. Caytee Witt and I went to the temple yesterday and put his name on the prayer list. My prayers are with him as well.

    Michelle Darnell

  3. Dave and Linda,
    We found out about Corey the day after we took James to the MCT. The following day we fasted along with a lot of other people in the valley. Thank You for your blog for and daily heartfelt updates. We are so inspired by your faith and strength! Know that we are thinking and praying for you and for Cory.

    Love, Lisa and Peter Fillerup

  4. So good to hear. Will keep praying for all of you. Remember to keep your strength up as you give so much of it to your son. Eat, rest, read something funny. A funny DVD in the room with Cory might speed things along. So much support here for the Fife family. Sunday will come. The Savage Family

  5. Dave and Linda,
    I want you to know that if we keep the Lord first, that miracles can take place in our lives. May the Lord bless Cory in his recovery and may you and Linda know that he is in our prayers.
    Bishop Bolt
    Lawrenceville Ward