Our Family

Our Family

Monday, February 7, 2011

So, more progress....

Cory made a lot of progress today. He did PT and was able to sit up and balance himself just using his core muscles (look Mom...no hands!). He was very awake and alert almost all day. The Bishop of the Savannah ward came in to visit with Cory, and Linda told him, "Cory, Bishop is here to visit you". Cory put his hand out to shake his hand.
He was pointing at different parts of his body, as if asking what happened here, etc. After we explained each of the injuries, he would point to something else, which we would explain.
The Elders visited with him at different times on their P-Day (personal time day to do laundry, shopping and most importantly WRITE HOME!). Before they left, they asked to have a word of prayer. As soon as they began, Cory closed his eyes, and even though he lifted himself up, he kept his eyes closed until they said amen.
He is also trying to mouth words out to us. They expect to wean him off the trachea tube over the next several days, so if he is able to speak, he will be able to make the sounds.
This whole experience has solidified our testimony of prayer and of blessings. Many of the doctors and other professionals can't explain why his body is healing so fast. We are confident it is due to the Priesthood blessings he has had given and the innumerable prayers on his behalf every day.
Thank you for all of your love and prayers
Dave and Linda


  1. Guys I am so glad to hear all that happened today. I know what you speak of when it comes to prayer and the power it has. Blessings are so powerful it is hard for anyone to understand them unless you witness what they do. Tell Cory how proud we are of him and his faith. We love you all and can't wait for Cory to be able to talk.
    The Huffman's

  2. What a blessing!! My ward (especially the missionaries!) fasted and prayed for Elder Fife Sunday. There is a lot of love and prayers coming down the coast from Virginia Beach! :0)

    p.s. Love the new Pictures! :0)