Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going forward, mostly...Wednesday

So, as soon as we walked into the rehab unit this morning, Cory was sitting out at the nurse's station. He had dropped a pencil and motioned for me to pick it up. He then wrote, "Please take me back to my room, I need to go to the bathroom.". He was writing different things all day. He wrote, "How's my dog?". To which I replied that he was fine. Cory then wrote, "They say I can have him here!". I told him, no, Rusty is 2000 miles away, he can't be here with you! Cory then circled "They say I can have him here!". I told him no again, that we couldn't get Rusty out here in Savannah. He then looked at me and kinda shrugged his shoulders and smiled, and then wrote, "Worth try!".
We found out Wednesday that Cory needs to have surgery to stabilize two vertebrate in his neck. The MRI showed that they might not be stable, and that he could get hurt later. They have him scheduled for surgery today (Thursday) to fuse the two vertebrate together.
Cory also said one word yesterday! He said the name of one of the Elders in his mission. It was barely a whisper, but he said it twice. We will take anything at this point and are just grateful that he is still with us!
We've got to run over to the rehab to speak with his care team.
Dave and Linda


  1. Continued prayers for you and Elder Fife!

  2. Thinking of the family today- Surgery will go well.
    James, Maria, Erin and Hayley Donaldson

  3. Sending prayers and warm wishes from West Haven, Utah for Dear Elder Fife may God Continue to Bless You and your family...

  4. Hey the picture of Cory with his companion is a great one! He looks good and I love to see his smile! Thanks so much for posting that it made me feel like I was there with him. Tell Cory I send a big kiss and hug for him.