Our Family

Our Family

Friday, February 18, 2011

So where to start....

So, the surgery from yesterday was cancelled. The doctor, after sleeping on it, then conferring with 3 other doctors decided that he wanted to repair his vertebrate differently. They have scheduled a surgery for next week, Tuesday. It will be a little more complicated (from the front and the back of his neck) but will be a permanent fix for an athletic young man. It comforts us that Cory's doctors are thinking about him at night when they are off.
Cory refers to the walker as a "shopping cart" and doesn't want to use one. He has been walking the last two days with just the therapists holding on to him to catch him if he falls. We have to remind him, that going faster, doesn't count as much as walking tall and straight! With one of his sessions with the speech therapist, she was trying to get him to "Slow Down" while eating. He wrote to her, that he would try, but going slow has never been  his strong trait!
He also started talking yesterday. He told Linda and I "I love you". When he told Linda, I could hear him from across the room!
This morning he was talking even more. He told us about some tape being changed on his nose. Speaking of the feeding tube tape, the dietician said that they can pull the tube out, that he is getting enough calories by eating!
He is basically, saying anything he wants, just a little quieter and sort of "hoarse" sounding. He is definitely saying what he is thinking. He talked to me about spiritual things this morning!
He wants to know when does he get to get out of rehab! It is so "Cory"! He said, "I am ready to go, how long am I going to be here...I've got work to do, people to baptize!"
We know, without a doubt, where this healing miracle is coming from. We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for his continued blessings and for answering (and continuing to answer) the prayers of so many!
Love, Dave and Linda


  1. What wonderful, wonderful news! Cory is in our thoughts so often. We are so appreciative of your updates. We love you all!
    the Berg's

  2. So great to hear. Blaine used to say that our son was "all gas and no brakes." Sounds like yours! So happy to hear the progress, and that the Lord is guiding those who care for him and are so important to his healing. Take care.