Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Progress Continues with The Lords help!

Life is good here in Heber City Utah.  We are figuring out our schedule and so far it is not too bad.  Cory and I go to therapy 3 times a week and his therapists are saying that he is doing great!  This past week he passed a balance test with flying colors and he is doing great with everything they ask him to do.  His voice is still a little weak but that too is improving a little every day.  Dave and Cory spoke this past Sunday in Sacrament meeting, it could not have gone better.  Cory was soft spoken but spoke powerfully and you could hear a pin drop during the whole meeting.  He talked about what he has learning since entering the mission field and how he has changed because of what he has learned.  He talked about all of the great people he had the privilege to meet while serving in Savannah Georgia.  He then talked about the many things he has come to learn more about since the accident; the importance of family, the power of the priesthood,  the importance of prayers and how they can really help and change lives, the reality that God really knows us all individually and that Christ not only took upon our sins he also suffered for our infirmities/sickness , he is learning how to humble himself and graciously accept help from others, to love his fellowman no matter what their circumstance, and to love more fully as his Savior does.  As parents we wish for the day when our children begin to show signs of spiritual growth, see a picture thru wiser eyes.  We long to see them notice a bigger picture, one where life is not all about them.  We have been blessed to begin to see this in our son Cory since the first week he entered the MTC and it continues today.  Cory has said many times since we have been home that "I will be a missionary forever.  I will serve The Lord everyday of my life to help bring salvation to each and every person who is willing and able. I am here to help build the Kingdom of God for the rest of my life."

Cory is stil Cory in so many ways but Cory is also different in so many ways.  Our 19 year old son is not a young man anymore he is a man with a heart centered in the gospel and the love of Christ.

Everyday since this whole chain of events was set into motion our family has felt Gods hand in our lives each and every day and many times a day.  We have been blessed with an ultimate gift and being grateful just does not fully describe the feelings we have, it just doesn't do it justice.

We are grateful for so many things.  We have been loved by some many near and far, there seems to be a direct prayer line set up in Elder Cory Fife's name and the line is connected and working each and everyday. We can not thank everyone enough for the love and support our family has received but please know that we love each and everyone of you and you are in our prays.

Thank you everyone, we love you all so much and we could not have gotten this far with out all of you and Heavenly Father and our Savior.

We hope ya'll enjoy General Conference this weekend, it is something we are all looking forward too.

Love you all.

Dave and Linda

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