Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ok, so I know this is terribly late....

My apologies for not posting more often. Between, therapy, doctor appointments, Caytlin and Corrine's sports, both of us working full time... well, you get the idea. I know that there are many that are wondering how Elder Fife is doing. 
He is going to physical and speech therapy three days a week. His voice is finally sort of sounding like his own, just much quieter. He tries to yell at Stewart (our chubby black lab who ALWAYS barks!), but all that comes out is a whisper. He has been getting stronger and seems to have more endurance as well. His balance is better, but still off. 
He has been able to meet his nephew Braxton, who was born while he was in Georgia. 
Elder Sorensen (Cory's first companion) was able to come over a couple of weeks ago. It was great to see the way Cory's light up when he came. 

So, for General Conference weekend, we had Brother Chris fly out to stay with us and attend the Conference sessions. While we were at the Saturday morning session, the young woman that sat next to me asked Elder Sorensen if he served in the Macon, GA mission, to which he replied, "Yes". She then asked if he was Elder Sorensen, again "Yes". She then said, "I am from Statesboro, GA and my father is the Ward Mission Leader and I remember you. After a brief discussion, she then leaned forward and asked, "Did you guys hear about the missionary from Savannah that got hit on his bike?" Cory leaned forward and said, "Yeah, that was me!". She exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, I have been praying for you!" 
Of 20,000 people at a conference session, it was amazing that she was the one to sit next to us! 
It was an incredible experience for all of us. Brother Chris also got to play in some of the snow that fell, just for him!

We also got to have the Enosa's over for dinner (actually, we only made desert and Sister Enosa made a wonderful variety of Samoan food for us!). Elder Enosa was Elder Fife's companion on the day that he was injured. The two of them were (are) fast becoming great friends. And yes, everyone in the photo is standing on the ground, without shoes! (Elder Fife is about 6 foot tall!)
So, we are patiently waiting to see if the doctors will release him, to allow him to continue serving his mission (in the Referral center, or back in Georgia). 
We love and appreciate all of your prayers and will try to do a better job of updating everyone. 
Dave, Linda and Cory

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