Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 3, 2011

So he wasn't off by too much...

So the team evaluated Cory this morning. They said that he should be discharged to an out-patient around next weekend. Cory had said that he would be out in a week.
He has been walking without the walker today and started doing stairs this week. Needless to say, he is very tired when done with physical therapy. As part of his physical therapy, he and I played a game of air hockey (works on balance and strengthening his left arm). If we had played with just our right hands, I think he probably would have beat me, which would be normal!
He played Battleship with the occupational therapist this week. He was thinking way ahead in all of his moves and almost beat them. The only problem he is still trying to go too fast, but that is just Cory.
He also started teaching the Gospel yesterday. He tried to get three different people to accept the Gospel and was teaching the introductory lessons. We had to tell him to hold off on that for a while. He is very anxious to get back out on his mission. He said that he has lots of souls to baptize, that are waiting for him. His only caveat....I can't ride a bike anymore! I told him we would work through it and see how it goes.
Thank you for all of your prayers and love,
Dave and Linda


  1. Cory is amazing! I am a missionary mom from Arizona, and our daughter is in the Savannah Ward. I pray my son will be as powerful as your son! I wish every missionary in this world could read Elder Fife's blog! I am sure they would be a better missionary! Our son just left the MTC a week ago and is now in the field! As he was in the MTC we would give him updates on Elder Fife and then he would update his zone! His whole zone has been praying for Elder Fife. We continue to update our son on Elder fife's HUGE STRONG testimony and his physical strength! I am a better person from meeting your son while visiting my daughter! We continue to pray for Elder Fife and his family!

  2. What an inspiration! Keep up the good work Elder Fife! Prayers are continuing from our family. :0)

  3. he is always doing better and is totally going to be a lot stronger than a stick figure and a lot stronger than me cause he always has been and always will be cause he is my brother and that is how it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)