Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a little bump!

The last few days Cory's leg has been bothering a lot more then normal.  His pain level has been at an 8 or 9 which is higher then it has been in weeks.  He said it feels like the the bone is shirring where it was broken, so we will be seeing an orthopedic surgeon Thursday morning to see if we can figure out what is going on.  The labs they took today all came back ok so it doesn't look like an infection, but his leg is a little warm to the touch.  So hopefully we can get this figured out here soon.  Cory is a little worried they might have to do surgery on his leg again, thus extending is medical leave, but we are trying to just take this one day at a time.  That is what we have been doing since day one and we have done pretty well, so why change now?  Blessings continue to come each and every day and we are all so grateful.  We feel the Lords tender mercies everyday.  We have known from the beginning that Heavenly Father is in charge and we just need to trust in him.  How can we not with all that we have experienced.  Life is GOOD!!  Everything will work out just fine, we just need to remain faithful and be patient each and everyday.  We are so grateful for your many prayers and for the love and support we continue to receive from all of you.

We wish ya'll a very happy Easter! We will keep you updated.

Love Dave, Linda, Cory and the whole Fife Family :)

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  1. Appreciate the updates. Cory continues to be in our prayers. Sheree in GA