Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011 Update

Well Elder Fife is doing great!  He is now serving on the FSU campus and is in a college ward.  He is loving it there and he is so glad  to be surrounded by people. He loves getting out wallking and talking with people.  Being in the car most of the time in his last area was a little hard for him and he said it made him pretty tired, but now he and his new companion walk everywhere they need to go and he is loving it!  His endurance is getting better everyday and he is learning much in Florida.  It has been a little bit of an adjustment, but he is taking all the good from the Macon Georgia Mission and the Florida Tallahassee Mission and mixing it all together.   Elder Fife is getting his grove back and life is good! 

Often he expresses his love for his family, his ward family, his friends and the people he has and is serving.  He says his Mission President is a great man and he is enjoying serving with him.  Mission Presidents and their wives are truely a blessing to missionaries and their families.We here at home have to agree with him that life is good! 

We got a few new pictures today so I will try to post them, I just need directions from Dave.

We contiune to be sorry for our attention to this blog.  WE ARE TRYING BUT FAILING.  If you haven't heard from us please remind us, we could use the help. Thank you Sister Dalton. :)

Thank you everyone for you continued love and support.  We love you all some much. :)  We will really work at getting better about updating everyone. 

The Fife Family

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  1. I've been following Elder Fife's progress since I first heard about his accident. He has been in my prayers as has his family. Today when I checked in, I discovered that he is serving in my son's ward. What a small world! Keep up the good work.

    Sis. Sherry Graham
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL