Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 - Much to be thankful for!!

Well we (the Fife family) all had a great Thanksgiving!  We all went south to St George to spend the holiday with Opa.  Casey, Kevin and Braxton joined us as well.  Time spent with family is always a good time, especially when the grand baby is involved!

Elder Fife is still serving on the Floria State University campas  and the other colleges in the area with Elder Snow.  He is really excited with this transfer because they have a baptism scheduled for Dec. 8th and he didn't want to miss it due to transfers.  Also he and Elder Snow are getting along really well and working as one so it is a win win situation.  There was one little change for Elder Fife this transfer though, he was made District Leader!  He says he is a little nervous because he is not only responsible for himself and his companion but now he is also  responsible for other missionaries as well.  President must feel he is up for the task.  We here at home know that he will be fine and he is up for the task.  Dave emailed Cory back with some words of encouragement, "Remember how you have learned trust the Lord in all you do? Well there you go! Trust in the Lord and all will work out."  If we have learned anything this past year, this is it! :)  Trust in the Lord and all will work out.

We wish you all a fabulous holiday season!  It is a season filled with much love, joy and a ton of gratitude here at our home.

May the Lord bless us all and may we all show our love for him the beautiful holiday season.  Reach out to those near you and to those who may not be so near to you.  Share your love for Christ with all those you come in contact with, you will not be sorry we promise you.  People notice your love for Christ. :)

Love you all!!

The Fife Family and Elder Fife

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