Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Beginning of a New Year!

This year has been one to remember!  As 2011 comes to a close all of us here at the Fife's are grateful for each and everyday.  We have had a lot of fear, worry and much that was unknown, but with the help of our Savior and Heavenly Father we are doing great!  We look forward to a new year filled with a greater love, appreciation and understanding for our Savior, for the gospel, for our family and for the small and simple things in this life.

May you all have a blessed new year!  We love you!  The Fife Family

12/19/11 Email from Elder Fife

This is a good transfer!!! Elder Snow and myself are working with a young man named Daniel Jones who is preparing to be baptized on January 5, 2012... I am Way excited! :D Yesterday, we were talking to him about his baptism after church and who he would like to have perform the ordinances and he asked me to Confirm him and more importantly, he asked Elder Snow to Baptize him!!! We are both very excited for that... I know, from personal experience, the JOY that performing your first baptism brings. I know that it helps you to see the fruits of your labors... It is kinda like when I am teaching somebody, I can literally see a light bulb turn on as if they are saying,"Oh yeah....I remember that!" Working with Daniel these last couple of weeks has been just that. Everything we have been teaching him, he agrees with and is so willing to live/keep every commitment we leave him with. As we continue to teach him it seems like he is just radiating more & more light. He is soaking the gospel up! Daniel is literally an answer to, both mine and Elder Snow's, prayers. Annie Baggs who was baptized Dec. 8th is still down in Ocala, but she is active... We have stayed in touch with her and she said that she's been to church the last two weeks! From what she told me during her baptismal interview, I would say that she is DEFINITELY converted to the gospel. Then in working with less-actives, we have started to make some progress with Rachel Crowley, we found out who her home teachers are and are now trying to set up a day that we could go see her with them... should be soon.

My studies have really been great this week... I did a lot of soul searching and evaluating my decision to serve. I have come to the conclusion that I might have started for other reasons, but that I really am "still" out here for the right reasons. I am motivated out of a sincere desire to serve and out of love. Love for the people-those that I serve and serve with-,love for my family, and most of all love for my Savior! I have been given a lot of things, things that I am eternally grateful for. 

Cory's Test: Alma 34:40 & 41 - I love you! I will agree that the atonement is, quite possibly, one of the BASS gifts that I or you or anyone could ever receive...yes even better than me! Love, Elder Fife

This last week has been very different for us. Almost everybody that we are teaching is gone and out of town until school starts up again. However, there is a young black brother that we have been working with, Jerome, who accepted baptism for January 19,2012. I am so excited! Since the beginning of this transfer things in the 5th Ward have started moving along and is moving at a bit of a faster pace. I like it!!! Jerome is a solid young man who really just wants to come to know God and Jesus Christ better... That's perfect! :D During our lessons I am finding that we don't have to teach as slowly as I originally thought, but that he understands it all. I found that we just gotta get him involved in the lessons. He is such a blessing to us because at the beginning of the transfer we were praying to find several people who would enter into a covenant with God through the waters of baptism. We have so far found two and the 1st Ward sisters found Annie Baggs who was baptized into 5th Ward. Personally I wanted to find people to baptize for several reasons...1-to baptize while I'm with Elder Snow 2- to allow Elder Snow to experience the joy it brings to them and to help him to see why we do what we do 3- to remind me why I am where I am and why I'm doing what I do 4- to be able to help and to bless people's lives ETERNALLY 5- to see the joy that comes into their lives 6- to KNOW that I am building God's kingdom here upon the earth.  Another young man that we are currently working with is Daniel Jones. He is SOLID, he is truly mana from heaven...:D He is getting baptized on January 5th, the day after transfers. He's axed Elder snow to baptize him! :) He knows that might be subject to change, but if at all possible- He wants Elder Snow to baptize him. Then in working with Annie Baggs, she has been in Ocalla since she got baptized, but we've been checking in on her and she's been to church every Sunday down there. We have tried to work with less-actives, but they've all been out of town and said to call them after the break. My gospel study has been very beneficial to me...I've learned that I need to Humble myself because Humility is the answer to every problem that any of us will ever face in life. For example, if I'm struggling with obedience, all I gotta do is humble myself and submit to the will of the Father which comes through my leaders. The list of problems where humility is the answer goes on-and-on. I have set out to be more humble in all that I do! I love this gospel, I mean seriously...it is so simple!!! There is no need to make things complex, and even when we do-God always humbles us and reminds us that it really is just that easy!:D

It was good to talk to yall too! Hearing yall's voices was just so comforting...when I talk to yall on Mother's day, I gots an idea....but you will just have to wait and hopefully I won't forget.and Dinner was great, THANK YOU!!!! 

Ya know, I can't wait to eat some of Dad's "HEALTHY" food....I miss it so much!!! I never thought i'd say I miss healthy eating, but I DO!!!! I am finding that I DON'T agree with Southern Philosophy...Everything is (NOT) better fried! I have seen since this last week or so, I've put on 10 lbs. and now weigh 205lbs. I don't wanna get fat, I wanna stay healthy and in shape. Can yall please help me out and STOP sending me little "goodies" in packages. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE them, but that is the problem! instead, could you send me healthy eating tips and stuff like dat in letters (preferably not emails, so I have it at my house...). I love Ya'll and miss ya tons!!! have fun in Disneyland.....

      Elder Fife

                                           Excited for-Flamin Hot Cheeto's!!!!
                                           Preaching on a rock in the Free Speech Zone....Good Fun!
                                           Matt Rice's baptism on CHRISTMAS!!! (he's in 2nd Ward)
                                              MYSTIFIED...opening presents on Christmas!
                                                                    The Legacy Walk!
                                                 They tried to figure me out... NO luck!

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